Benefits of our fundraising program:
-     No financial investment
-     Each purchase instantly guarantees a profit for your organization
-     Numerous customized products                                                                        -     FREE advertisement for your cause!


What makes our fundraising program different:
-     Customized products you can’t find in a department store
-     Flexibility in catering your fundraiser to your members
-     Products your organization’s members will actually want
-     Option to buy in bulk for a larger discount

There’s no risk
When you hear someone say “no risk” you may automatically assume there’s a catch, since it seems that there’s always risk involved in any business venture or partnership.  But when we say no risk, we mean it!  Worst case scenario, no items are sold.  You have no left over inventory or supplies, no sunken costs, and you’re left unaffected right where you started.  Best case scenario, you sell a few hundred decals, and now you’ve added a few thousand dollars to your organization. It’s the best kind of gamble. You can only win!

It’s more than a decal.
You’re doing more than making money for your organization. You’re building your community. Organizations grow on the mutual support and encouragement of their members.
These customized decals are a tangible representation of that contagious, community-building spirit. You’re giving proud family members, peers, and staff the opportunity to come together and show how much they love your organization and its members.

It’s easy.
People value personalization.  From the phones we can’t live without to the food we eat, we want it customized to our liking.  We want our name on it, our mark, our character. That’s exactly what we’re offering your organization. These aren’t stock decals you can buy at your local department store because they are personalized with a name, number, etc. This is the kind of product people want, and you’re providing it for them!